About Us

About the Director:

The Learning Curve Tutoring and Educational Services is owned and operated by Colin McMahon, who has been tutoring math since 1990. He excelled in high school mathematics and continued to develop his skills in this area with calculus and algebra courses in university.

After earning a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University in 1993, he was hired by Bell Northern Research as a video producer before moving into the public relations field with the Canadian Tulip Festival. Prior to his move to Toronto in 2000, he spent two-and-a-half years coordinating the marketing efforts for Nepean’s Centrepointe Theatre.

He has always maintained close ties with the Ottawa music scene as a performer in several bands and has even appeared in a pilot series on national television. Colin’s curiosity about new experiences, his ease at building personal relationships, his intelligence and humour are all drawn upon by The Learning Curve.

About the Tutors:

The Learning Curve contracts the services of a very diverse group of private tutors, more than 50% of whom are also certified teachers. Everyone is screened and selected for two main abilities – communication skills and an engaging personality.

As a result, this army of tutors includes individuals from various walks of life who are able to incorporate their own experiences to inspire and instruct. The selection process begins with introductory discussions conducted by telephone, followed by in-depth personal interviews. For successful candidates, character witnesses are referenced and police background checks are performed.