Registration Forms

Student Registration Form

The registration form contains detailed questions about the student’s academic history and character profile, the answers to which will allow The Learning Curve to select the tutor whose background, teaching style and personality provide the best possible match. In light of this, please be as specific and thorough as possible when filling it out.

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Tutor Application Form

By completing the application form, you declare that the information contained therein and on your resumé is correct to the best of your knowledge and you understand that any omission or incorrect information is just cause for the rejection of your application for contract work as a tutor for The Learning Curve. You also authorize The Learning Curve to verify the information provided, and to obtain any other information relevant to this application.

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PSAT Prep Course Registration Form

To better prepare students for the Preliminary SAT (PSAT), The Bishop Strachan School (BSS) in Toronto and Trinity College School (TCS) in Port Hope have made arrangements for The Learning Curve Tutoring and Educational Services to provide a series of training sessions this fall to interested grade 10 and 11 students.  The course at TCS will be restricted to those currently enrolled at that school, but the BSS edition will be open to the general public, as space allows.  Two different levels of instruction will be on offer: the first involves six hours of classroom lessons; the second, in addition to the level one lessons, includes a full-length practice test, evaluation and review. Students participating at either level will also be invited to book private performance analysis sessions in December once the actual test results have been submitted to their respective schools.

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To enroll on-line, click on the following button, then complete and submit the form electronically. Once registration has been processed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent, including instructions for payment by cheque, credit card or e-transfer.

Register on-line

To access a PDF version of the registration slip, click on the applicable button below. Print one copy, complete the bottom portion of page 2 by hand, and either mail it to The Learning Curve via Canada Post or scan and e-mail it to, as instructed on the form.

Printable version of the BSS PSAT prep course registration formPrintable version of the TCS PSAT prep course registration form

SAT and ACT Prep Registration Form

This registration form is reserved for those seeking private, semi-private or small-group support in preparation for the SAT or ACT, specifically. It contains detailed questions about the student’s availability and timeline, past attempts at either test, and specific skills or topics that require particular attention. The schedule for such a program can be quite flexible and some instructors are even willing to travel considerable distances for any students who wish to book an intensive program over a period of a few days.

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