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By completing the application form, you declare that the information contained therein and on your resumé is correct to the best of your knowledge and you understand that any omission or incorrect information is just cause for the rejection of your application for contract work as a tutor for The Learning Curve. You also authorize The Learning Curve to verify the information provided, and to obtain any other information relevant to this application.

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    1. Please indicate the subjects you are applying to tutor by checking the appropriate boxes. Beside each selection, indicate the grade range (between 1 and 12) in which you would be comfortable working. Where applicable, also include specific topic areas; for example, Physics as a branch of Science
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    6. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence related to the position applied for and for which you have not been pardoned? YesNo

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    Qualifications and Experience

    1. Are you a certified teacher? YesNo
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    2. Do you have any experience as a private tutor? YesNo
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    4. List any other experience (not directly related to private tutoring) that you have interacting with young children and/or youths.

    5. List any achievements, such as scholarships, awards, team activities or community recognition.

    6. List any relevent personal qualifications, degrees, diplomas, licences, related professional development, etc.

    Language Skills

    This information will be helpful in assessing your suitability in situations where specific language skills are an asset.
    Please list below all of your written and spoken languages, then rate your level of fluency and comprehension on a scale of 1 (weak) to 7 (strong).
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    By providing the names below, you are authorizing The Learning Curve to contact any or all of them for the purpose of conducting reference checks. It is preferable that you include a combination of referees representing various backgrounds. For example,
    1) parents of former students you have tutored;
    2) past employers;
    3) former teachers or professors.

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