I really credit your tutoring sessions with settling my nerves and providing me with a plan of action leading up to the SATs, in order that I might feel in control even without knowing how to get all the answers, particularly in the math sections. Of course, in hindsight, there was no need to be so anxious about either the tests or the results, but I would never have believed that at the time.

I appreciate that you always took a pragmatic (as opposed to coddling or abrasive) approach to my preparation for the SATs. I will always feel that I made the right decisions regarding my SAT prep, considering the time frame that I had to work with. As someone who’s never worked with a tutor before, I also appreciated how quickly and accurately you pinpointed my personality and tailored your subsequent strategies to those traits.

Once again, my parents and I are grateful for your patience, enthusiasm for tutoring, and ability to personalize learning. Your students are lucky to have you; I’ll be sure to point any prospective students your way.

Eunice Chong, student

Thank you! The report cards are in and both children did significantly better. Steph ended up with 83 per cent (in calculus) and Andrew ended up with an A and 3 Bs on his final report card – up from all Ds at Christmas.
Sheelagh Lawrance, parent

When a family approaches me for private tutoring advice, The Learning Curve is usually the first resource I think of. Students and parents are consistently pleased with the level of service Colin (McMahon, Director) and his team of tutors always provide. I was impressed enough to commission Colin to co-develop a PSAT prep course which he now offers annually to approximately 70 students. The positive feedback from participants is a result of the activity-oriented approach that he and his instructors use to introduce appropriate strategies for successfully writing the test.
Patrick Hinchey, consultant with the Toronto District School Board and former Coordinator of Special Programs at Bishop Strachan School

I have referred many clients to The Learning Curve. Parents and students have been very satisfied with the care, instruction and thoughtful direction students receive. Mr. McMahon screens and supervises his teachers carefully, an essential component in the success of his service.
Dr. Ruth Ehrlich, Education Consultant